Andrea Gimeno Sánchez

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Escuela Técnica Superior d' Arquitectura

P67 | CIC Lonja de Pescadores’. Communal integration center in the Cabanyal fish market.

by Andrea Gimeno Sánchez  

CIC Lonja de Pescadores’ is an exercise born within the respect to the local sociocultural heritage. It belongs to the citizen of any Cabanyal neighbor and to any patient that needs a treatment. The project lays out a big challenge, to push up the value of the mistreat heritage of the neighborhood accepting the game rules of the building and the pre-existences. The main principles that runs the idea and the development of the project in all scales comes as a consequence of three intentions. Those are the base of the concept. In the first place, the correct interpretation of the building’s architecture is possible with an exhaustive study and the understanding of the old ‘Lonja de Pescadores’. Then, the analysis of the proposed program. It is a hybrid between public and private spaces. It develops housing for sick people (as the most private space with necessities of flexibility), rehab center, day center, occupational center and social center; all of them with different degrees of privacy. The last intention is the researching of an attractive architectural space. The main volume is predetermined, apparently rigid and rhythmical. Doing these respectful actions is the way to preserve the originality of the building and the architectural experience.


Andrea Gimeno Sánchez  was born in 1986. She received her Master Degree in Architecture (April 2012) from the ETSAV School of Architecture in Valencia. She studied in Hoogeschool Antwerp in 2009/2010 with an Erasmus grant. In that period she collaborated with the Van Belle + Medina Architects studio. She also studied in the School of Architecture in Granada in 2010/2011 with a Séneca grant. She has been distinguished in national and international architecture competitions as a student (Honorable Mention in the 2nd Verniprens Architecture Competition, 3rd prize in the 5th Verniprens Architecture Competition, 2nd Prize and Honorable Mention in the 1st Steelcase Architecture Competition) and as a professional (3rd Prize in the Transparet Shelter Innosite Competition; selected project in the 2nd Konecta Architecture Competition). She is co-founder of Rellam Architecture (2012) developing different projects like the Restoration of Vinaròs Church in Castellón (Spain), currently on process.