Berislav Lukšić

University of Split

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy

P04 | STIVAN HOUSE | House for 21.century

by Berislav Lukšić 

The question of encouraging the formation of conditions and not the condition of the formatting, has a direct influence on the contemporary house. 
Responding to today's fast and megalomaniac house building based on the €xm2 concept, which can also be their name, encourages us to consider what to do to prevent the further devastation of space. Unfortunately, most of the profession contributed to the realization of committed devastation. There has always been building activity, only today it is not about necessity, but about fast profit. On the other side, there are investors who build ''old houses'', unaware that by copying architecture they are destroying it. Architecture is a direct projection of social, political and economic realities of the time in which it is created. One of the solutions is the modification of the building strategies in order to keep track of the context itself. It would be essential to set clear building criteria, but also to allow more creativity for the profession which should return to its values and encourage investors and local governments to think about contemporary architecture. That would result in zero damage, and multiple benefit for everyone.


Berislav Lukšić. Born in Supetar, Croatia in 1985. Graduated from the Art School, Split in 2004. Graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Split in 2011 with the award for the best Master's project titled Stivan House. Became guest lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy, Split in 2011. Participated in the Blue Award international competition in Vienna, Austria in 2010. He also participated in many projects as author and co-author at the architectural office Aalto, Split from 2011-2013. Major projects: Sauer House, Milna, 2009.; Triangle (SU.K.01) House, Sutivan, 2011.; Kovačić House, Split, 2011.; Kusanović House, Sutivan, 2013. His work has been exhibited in 2008 at the Gallery of the Conservatorion Institute in Split.