Bocanegra 2

Universidad de Sevilla

Escuela Técnica Superior d' Arquitectura

P60 | BIOLOGICAL STATION. Observatory.

by Elisabet Lara Bocanegra  

Intervention in a nature reserve. The project meets the current need to create a new Biological Research Station in the Doñana National Park in Andalusia, southern Spain, wich creates an even bigger question: how to intervene in a Nature Reserve? The new Biological Station is a device-response to a complex system of needs on different scales, from wich a network of desires and actions are established, being the backbone of the project to define each and every aspect of the new biological research station. The temporary lagoon. The project is located in Huerta Tejada, a mainly horizontal and floodable territory. It is situated 15km from the nearest town. The Station is positioned above a temporary lagoon or Lucio, a large area of water of little depth which can reach 1.10m depending on the hydrological seasons of the park. Observatory. The new Biological Station creates an observatory of the park, a space for research and coexistence at the disposal of researchers, workers and special visits of an international level, an observatory of ecosystems and of changes, a meeting-place amongst the people in the station and the park, amongst researchers and the actual research, a place to observe the park, an observatory of life.


Elisabet Lara Bocanegra was born in Barcelona in 1984. She received her degrees in Architecture from the High Technical School of Architecture from Seville, Spain (2011) and the Higher School of Architecture of Belleville, Paris (2006/07). In 2008 she collaborated with Transformadora de Durango in Durango, Mexico. In 2009, she participated at the AAW1 Workshop Athens for the Regeneration of Lycabettus Hill. In 2011, she joined the team of Dominique Perrault Architecte in Paris, where she participated in a series of large-scale projects in France. From 2011 to 2013 she has been part of Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, in Paris, as a Project Manager, where she run several projects in France, Italy and Finland. In 2012, she was awarded the First Prize at the Holcim Awards Final Projects 2010-11 ETSAS. She has been involved in the International Exhibition of Landscape Projects in the High Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona, Spain (2012). In the near future she would like to dedicate to the research on the field of architectural creative processes.