Emine Bahar Avanoğlu

Istanbul Technical University

Faculty of Architecture

P73 | A PROJECT. A multi-functional complex.

by Emine Bahar Avanoğlu  

A delicacy of togetherness is sought after. It is minimumly designed such that the absence of anything in the complex could cause the complex to scatter. While experimenting, it has been observed that taking away or cutting does not lead to an absence. This delicacy creates unexpected results which provide the assertion of new meanings. Transition is vital.


Emine Bahar Avanoğlu  was born in 1988 in Istanbul. She went to the German High School in Istanbul and studied architecture at the Istanbul Technical University. After graduating in 2011, she began her master studies in the same Faculty in the architectural design program. She obtained her master of science degree with her thesis titled The unthinkable spaces of the realm of representation in 2013. She will start her March II degree program in Cooper Union this Fall where she was accepted with a merit scholarship. She, along with her twin sister Ipek Avanoglu, have attended many competitions and workshops and gained awards. They also have led workshops for undergraduate students. In 2012, they attended the academic program of Biennale Istanbul with an article and a project named x-market.