Francisco Manuel Olivas Alfonso

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Escuela Técnica Superior d' Arquitectura

P69 | LINEAR GARDEN. Agroecological market in Nazaret, Valencia.

by Francisco Manuel Olivas Alfonso  

The project is presented as a transformation system in phases that match specific rules. The opportunity to explore a number of ways from the elevation of the city is given by the height difference with the level of “la huerta.” It is therefore a continuous containment of a space on the other specifications from the very walls. A section is determined by the width of the ground floor varying from 5 to 8 m and a height of 3-4 m. This way it defines the first function of the system. Below are a series of practice concave and convex areas in the field, using slopes and walls to regulate visual measures and the transition between the different paths of the park. As a result, a molded space with virtual limits is created, able to contain a program. Given the linear component performance, enhanced activity packages for public and collective space are arranged in an organized manner. In this sense, the project answers different scales through flexible and varied mechanisms. Urban furniture plays a key role in acting as the game. In it, the user is able to interact with the landscape, entering part of a journey through the history and culture of the Valencian tradition. Workshops’ teaching, cultural booths, an agricultural market, lookouts, cafes... The green element is equally important in defining the character of the park, divided in two components. The cross mark is responsible for creating different environments. The longitudinal one generates the highest volume of the park and gradually allows the privacy filter between the city and “la huerta”.


Francisco Manuel Olivas Alfonso.  Architect-Engineer, UPV (2012). Currently working as a freelance architect for the construction of a single house and the renovation of a restaurant. He started in early 2005 to work for IBZ & Asociados involved in competitions and public works. In 2008 he won the Arquia Constest and in 2009 he collaborated with Estudio Carme Pinos. Since 2010 he has been teaching architectural design at ETSAV. His work has been presented through publications on the ETSAV Annual Selections in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012. His project Lineal Garden: Agroecological market in Nazaret was finalist in the Constest tesis Valerio Ghivarello - 2012 edition.