Joana Dhiamanti

Polis University

International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies


by Joana Dhiamandi 

Light, space, color and texture are elements often used in the construction of architectural composition. Due to the presence of this very important instrument, I thought it would be essential to upgrade its palette with the substantial element of noise. Noise, often perceived as a negative element in our urban ecosystems, can be considered as one of the most exact indicators of life. The main objective of this urban study and architectural thesis is to “break through the limited circle of plain sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise sounds” (- Luigi Russolo, The Art of Noise Modulations) While studying the element of noise, it is crucial to analyse all its surrounding elements, the main materials that form this chemical mixture of urban and other particles. Also important would be to examine similar interactions with noise in space such as music or negative refractions such as silence. But what is silence? Can this definition be absolute? Absolute silence really exists? As each layer consisting noise is being removed, the last and fundamental one left is the one that the human body creates. How noise, music and silence affect us? What is this very unique interaction that generates emotions, feelings and different perceptions to people? How is this sensitive balance being composed?


Joana Dhiamanti  is an architect and an urban designer from Tirana, Albania. She graduated in 2011 from the International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies at Polis University. During her studies she showed a particular interest in the paradigm of information architecture and she dedicated her thesis study into aural architecture through her project titled "Noise as a Generative Material for Design." She has being involved in architecture and interior architecture projects in Albania with [Studio], an independent architecture and design practice she co-founded in 2009. She has also been part of community participative projects in the city of Fier, titled "Urban Design for Community" and in Belgrade, Serbia, during the 2012 Mikser Festival, titled "Failed Architecture." She was also part of the organization of the 4th Biennale of Arts and Architecture in 2009 at Tirana. She is a member of the academic staff at Polis University and also an architect at the Metropolis Ltd , office for architecture and urban design.