Perlepe Konstantina

University of Patras

Department of Architecture

P35 | KIFISOS 2020 - 6 urban landscapes renegotiated

by Konstantina Perlepe 

The object of this diploma thesis is the river of Kifisos, which has a length of 20km and runs through the Attica basin. In Kifisos one can observe all the phases of development of the urban landscape at the expense of the natural. The 6 regions that were studied specifically are indicative of these different phases. The design of these 6 areas is organized according to a strategy in time. This strategy organizes the green, the aquatic element, the connections with the city and the programmatic redefinition of each region. Each phase of the redevelopment deals with one of these elements and is displayed throughout the city. As a result, the new river simultaneously emerges in 6 heterogenous and remote areas and sets the scene for a healthy development. However, this growth is not associated with a romantic return to nature, but instead it takes as given the pattern of the city in every region, reinterprets it and repeats it. The main question that this thesis attempts to approach is the following: “When human activity is responsible for the order of things, then is a static architecture proposal capable of changing the image of the urban landscape; even more, is design really capable of changing the mentalities that created this city?”


Konstantina (Nadia) Perlepe.  Architect- Engineer, UoP (2012). She graduated 2nd in her class on September 2012 with a Diploma in Architecture. Her final thesis, on river Kifisos, adressed issues of urban identity, landscape and sustainability. During her studies, she participated in various workshops. Among them, the 3rd Athens Workshop, on June 2012, where she was selected, with other 6, to collaborate with 6 graduate students from Princeton University and investigate Eleonas, the urban enclave of Athens. Also, she was awarded with her team the 1st prize in Villard 2011 Seminario Itinerante, for their proposal for the city of Palermo. Konstantina Perlepe has completed two internships. First, she spent 3 months in Brussels (summer 2010) working for Philippe Samyn and Partners, architects & engineers as a trainee student. After graduating, she worked as an intern architect for 10 months, in the Ghent-based office OYO Architects. She received 3rd place in the student competition Exploring the Boundaries: Mesologgi 2013 and has been awarded twice with the IKY Foundation Scholarship (2007-08, 2009-10).