Oded Hedvati

Ariel University

School of Architecture

P40 | TISSUE OF TIME AND PLACE. Integrated residential complex in West Florentine - Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

by Oded Hedvati  

the city below that arose from the sands… A bystander observing the tremendous development and construction we are witnessing in recent years could be mistaken in thinking that architecture is blossoming. This is far from the truth. The construction industry in Israel, originally driven by ideological Zionist values, has become an economic product intertwined with a PR net marketing illusions. The Israeli government has removed its hand from this industry allowing the real estate sector spiral out of control. Tel Aviv is leading the descent. Although recently boasting numerous conservation projects, when was the last time that a new project was not a wealthy skyscraper eyesore? Tel Aviv is a leading city on the global scale. In order to continue as such, like any other city of such magnitude, it is necessary to preserve diversity. If the city continues to develop vertically, while pushing out the younger population, it will soon become homogenous. A city like Tel Aviv must allow all types of people in a place. As a strong and desirable location, the city’s politicians should use their power to guide new construction in a different direction. In my project, I do not attempt to reinvent Tel Aviv but rather to restore what I believe has been forgotten. I chose to plan a dense residential environment for a diverse population. Instead of designing a high-rise, I focused on residences that incorporate the street level and live in synergy with it. The residences are an integral part of the workshops and small businesses active during the day and the places of leisure and culture active at night.


Oded Hedvati graduated with honors from Ariel University with a degree in Architecture. During his studies he received numerous awards: Outstanding Project Award for residential planning (in both the first and second semesters, 2007), Outstanding Project Award for residential tower planning (2008), winner of the University's Rapid Design Competition (2008), fourth place in the Israeli Ministry of Education Competition, "Planning and Designing Educational Buildings" (2008), Outstanding Project Award for urban planning (2009), third place in the College Dormitory Planning Competition (2009), Outstanding Project Award for commemorative landscape structures (2010), winner of a "Marathon" Competition in planning for the special needs population (2010), Outstanding Final Project Award for dense residential design (2011) and finalist and exhibitor in the "Design Award" competition held by the Israeli Architecture Committee (2011). Since 2011 he has been employed at Rona-Cohen Architects.