Stefi Filippopoulou

Technical University of Crete

School of Architecture

P31 | RE-STRUCTURING THE VOID IN THE WEST MOAT OF CHANIA using a network of interactive paths

by Stefi Filippopoulou 

The west moat of Chania can be described as a ”terrain vague,” a void located between the old and the new town. Considering the Venetian fortification as a landmark and an element of orientation, it is vital to re-place the moat within the urban network. There are three inactive nodes identified that connect the diverse city characteristics surrounding the moat. The design is based on the creation of an in-between event space that transforms the inactive nodes to basic entrance points. This space is formed by a network of interactive paths based on the relationship between the observer and the actor. Longitudinal movement shifts the human body to motion. On the other hand, transverse movement is linked to the concept of observation. The paths form a new fragmented terrain allowing the entrance and the interacting relationships between the existing two limits. Multiple sceneries are created reinforcing the relationship between observer-actor. Connectivity is achieved with a “fast path” which passes through the new fragmented terrain and connects the different districts from the basic entrance points. Immersion is accomplished through “slow paths,” provided with multiple sceneries: gathering spaces, programmed uses, infrastructure and seasonal planting. The core unit of the programmed uses is a theatre, a place of acting and observing.


Stefi Filippopoulou  was born in New Jersey, USA in 1984. She graduated from the Technical University of Crete with a Professional Diploma in Architecture and Engineering in 2012. During her studies she participated in various student exhibitions. Her dissertation titled Re-structuring the void in the west moat of Chania using a network of interactive paths took place in the Archiprix International 2013 in Moscow and also participated at the 7th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. In 2010 she received a Complimentary Prize from the International Bench & Chair Design Competition 2010 organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. During her studies she worked as a part-time designer (2008-2010) in an architectural office on small-scale residential projects. In 2009 she participated in the First Athens Architectural Workshop in the group of Manuel Aires Mateus and Jorge Silva. After her graduation she has been working in an architectural office in Chania on residential and renovation projects.