Treveena Wanis Rofaeel

Modern Sciences and Arts University

Faculty of Arts and Design

P20 | RECYCLING FACTORY. A complex with a merging community.

by Treveena Wanis Rofaeel 

Bringing waste back to life as an important natural resource that was given to us should not be neglected. This project is located in Egypt near Shabramant, Giza. This location was chosen as it is adjacent to a landfill area with an existing factory that produces fertilizers. The factory’s design is all about fast production lines, machines and their controllers. The other part, on the contrary, concerning the community, includes the exhibition space, café, kids’ workshops as well as the research center. The designed lines and curves are connected to each other by extending the rigid lines of the factory to become curved in the exhibition. The research center is the intermediate point between the factory and the community. Parts of the exhibition will be elevated above the ground to create forced ventilation from under the building. Louvers will be added in the south elevations to prevent the unwanted sunrays. People will have the ability to see parts of the factory without actually entering it. The project urges to create a pleasant atmosphere that relates to the culture and community. It also raises awareness to one of the most important issues that could enhance one’s life and move forward towards sustainability.


Treveena Wanis Rofaeel  is an architect working at Dar Al Handasah (Shair and Partners), Cairo, Egypt since February 2012. It is a global consultancy with 43 offices throughout 29 countries worldwide. She obtained her Masters of Science in Architecture with distinction from the University of Greenwich, London, UK in October 2011. She received her Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering with distinction from the Modern Sciences and Arts University in July 2010. Throughout the past years she gave lectures in Egypt, was a guest critique in the UK, attended many courses and took part in several exhibitions. She procured the IPMA course as well as many 3d modeling programs like Rhino, 3dsMax and Archicad along with their related rendering programs. Furthermore, she was part of a landscape course held in Salzburg, Austria conducted by the famous architect Itsuko Hasegawa. She also attended the IAPS International Conference that took place in Rome, Italy.