Adamantia-Maria Fytou

National Technical University of Athens

School of Architecture


by Adamantia-Maria Fytou 

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness for the indigenous marine ecosystems. As one approaches the site from the seaside highway, he or she is constantly faced with the view of the horizon. The experience of the building is to be perceived as a loss of that view, aiming to create a strongly introverted space of contemplation. Two large, oblong, retaining walls constitute the backbone of the composition. The first one defines the descending pathway towards the entrance of the building, whereas the second, parallel to the coastline, forms the rear part of the building. Wandering through the site, one follows the downward path leading to the entrance, only to find out that the course continues itself in a clear, uninterrupted manner inside the building, through a series of gently sloped ramps coiling around a central hall. The exhibition and various educational spaces are situated around this central hall. Light beams traverse the interior space through either slits or big openings on the front wall. The student housing is an autonomous, upright structure, serving as the necessary counterpoint to the linearity of the main building.


Adamantia-Maria Fytou  was born in Athens, Greece, in 1986. She holds a professional degree in Architecture (2012) from the National Technical University of Athens. During her undergraduate years she had the opportunity to work for local architectural firms, as well as participate in various competitions in graphic design, architecture and urbanism. Along with her team, she has been awarded an honourable mention in the urban design competitions AthensX4 (2011) and The Restructuring of the Theatrou Square Neighbourhood (2010). Upon graduation, her diploma project ranked among the finalists in the 2012 Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition and was exhibited in the Dallas Centre for Architecture, Texas, U.S.A. As of September 2013, she is attending the Master of Architecture II program at The Cooper Union, in New York City, with an awarded merit scholarship from the Institution.