Konstantina Charmalia

National Technical University of Athens

School of Architecture

P27 | THE CAPE OF SOUNION. Ramble at the attikon landscape

by Konstantina Charmalia 

The cape of Sounion is the southern edge of Attica. The ancient Greeks constructed a temple dedicated to Poseidon on the southern and highest top and they placed the temple of Athenaon on another lower hill. Nowadays that people have lost the touch with nature and archeological sites have become mainly tourist sites, this project is trying to suggest a way to approach the archeological site of Sounion, so that the visitor can develop a kind of communication with the antiquities. Moreover, this project is trying to create a ramble at the landscape, so that the visitor can perceive the whole site. Furthermore and related to the archeological site, a small cultural and environmental centre is suggested. The ramble contains three routes: the first is formed upon the ancient route, the second on the route that already exists and the third has as a reference the axis that connects the two temples. This route embodies during its progress mythological elements and has a new relationship with the ground, something that gives to the walker a new sense of the whole landscape. In the synthesis of the ramble the planting is used to form the routes and to create their common background. The planting consists of the typical plants of the Mediterranean ecosystem.


Konstantina Charmalia   was born in 1987 in Athens. She graduated from high-school in 2004 and studied at the N.T.U.A. (National Technical University of Athens) School of Architecture. In 2011 she received one of the six distinctions for the student contest The architect's office that was organized by the Greek Architects' Association (SADAS-PEA). In 2011 she graduated from N.T.U.A. with honours, with a grade average that gave her candidacy for the “Andreas Ploumistos” award. Her diploma project was published on the “Greekarchitects” e-journal in February 2012 and was included in the 35 (from 98) best diploma projects for 2011. On March 2012 three other websites (lavriaki.gr, gr-news.com and forkeratea.blogspot.com) republished her diploma project and commented on the issues that it raised. Since October 2012 she has been studying in a drama school.