Alaa S J Saadeh

An-Najah National University

Department of Architecture and Engineering

P57 | GENERAL HOSPITAL. Medical tourism hospital.

by Alaa S J Saadeh  

Hospitals provide health services (surgical operations, treatment, medication, and so on), concerned with the patient's health. But hospitals usually ignore the PSYCHOLOGICAL state of the patient and its impact on the healing process, so we must work to achieve the best psychological environment for those in need to help them recover from illness.‫ to achieve this in three stages The project is trying‬: (1) First impression: when people see the building from the street, it should positively affect their psychological state, (2) When the patients enter the site: the building should invite them to create a warm space where they will be the most important element in the site, and (3) When the patients enter the building: we have to create luxury interior spaces where patients can interact together in semipublic spaces with green environment to make them relax and accept the therapy. So we have to hide the typical building with more active shapes and masses to create a warm welcome space for patients to serve the main concept of the project (medical tourism).


Alaa S. J. Saadeh  received his Bachelor in Architecture degree from the An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine (2012). He worked as an intern at the Tubaila Team Workshop (architecture- interior design- construction management) in Nablus , Palestine (2011). He also collaborated with the Rama Consultant Engineering Office (interior designer + architectural works + 3d modeling + rendering). In 2010 he won the Rawabi competition for mosque design.