Joseph G Yammine

Al-Manar University of Tripoli

Faculty of Architecture and Design


by Joseph G. Yammine 

Traffic in Lebanon, as in many other countries, causes physiological problems and nervous breakdowns, and increases the NO2 emission which is the primary reason for the climate change crisis. The project that I am presenting is part of the effort to solve the transportation problem in Lebanon through the following steps. (a) By opening up Lebanon to the outer world. (b) By re-establishing the historic role of Lebanon on the map of world tourism. (c) By maintaining sustainability within society without losing link to the cultural traditions. (d) The project is part of the plan of Lebanon to link all of its five major cities along the shore; water taxis being a major solution to decrease NO2 emission and traffic jamming. (e) The project is laid upon an artificial island built by using the extensive amounts of ruins left from the war of July 2006. (f) Construction utilizes recycled materials. (g) A mesh skin was used to cover the complex in whole in order to rely on natural sunlight as much as possible which will increase power saving. The mesh skin contains controlled openings for natural ventilation. Problems need solutions. Architecture offers major solutions to society’s everyday problems and eases our everyday tasks. Can we live a better life through respecting our surrounding while implementing our everyday needs through architecture?


Joseph G. Yammine is an Architect-Engineer, of Lebanese origin, born in Zgharta, Lebanon in 1985. From 2000 to 2003 he studied architecture in the Vocational Institute of Zgharta where he was awarded with a Bacaloreat in the Architecture Technique. Then he continued his studies in the Vocational Institute of Deir Ammar where he was awarded with a certificate in Construction, Architecture and Surveing (ranked first across Lebanon) from 2003 till 2006. From 2006 to 2011, he entered the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Al-Manar University of Tripoli where he earned a Bachelor in Architecture and Design degree. He begun his working life as an architect in Bedwani Jabbour firm (OJEC) in Zgharta (2005-2007). Later on he worked as head of the designer team in GWYAMMINE Architecture consulting firm in Zgharta, designing over 30 residential and other project types from 2007 untill today. Moreover, he is employed as a teacher assistant in the Al Manar University of Tripoli since 2011. He is owner of the ARCHIDEA office for architecture, design and consulting. He has been awarded many prizes in Lebanon, including 1st place at the Graduation Projects Exhibition for north Lebanon Universities by the Order of Engineers and Architects of Tripoli,‫‏‬ North Lebanon (2011). He also participates in many social activities such as the UNDP Collaboration in 2008.