Anastasia Angelidou

University of Cyprus

Faculty of Architecture

P10 | THE MULTICASE. Rethinking the city as a mobility receiver

by Anastasia Angelidou 

This diploma thesis deals with the rethinking of the city as a mobility receiver. It proposes adapting mechanisms for the existing to accommodate the new, through the design of some “cases” that snap into different types of space typologies and intent to convert them into spaces where there is friction of diversities: spaces accessible to the public flows, mediating spaces that filter the public - private relationship and living spaces for extra short, short and long inhabiting. The aim is to redefine the existing network as a receiving network, focusing on the resistance inherent in the friction between different situations. Resistance and friction, as described by Richard Sennett, are the inhibitors of social interactions’ control by independent forces and their existence in space poses opportunities for freedom in expression and coexistence of diversities. Let’s talk about a case network on the existing city that accepts the temporary as part of the urban environment and opens up the potential for transaction with the permanent. A frame that allows diversities to coexist. A case network that receives friction situations and transforms them into productive micro-climates of odds, exchanges and experience.


Anastasia Angelidou  is an Architect-Engineer. She graduated from the University of Cyprus in 2011. Her diploma thesis has been awarded with the “Lambros and Thalia David for Distinction in Architectural Composition” annual prize for the academic year 2010-2011. After completing her B.Sc. in Architecture, in 2009, she worked for five months as an intern in Barcelona, Spain at Guallart Architects, through the Erasmus Placement Program. Since June 2011 she has been working in AA&U for Architecture, Arts and Urbanism in Nicosia, Cyprus.