Ezgi Üçüncü

Yildiz Technical University

Department of Architecture

P82 | THE RESEARCH CENTER Architect Sinan researh center & cultural places in Agirnas_Kayseri.

by Ezgi Üçüncü 

The location of the project is on the most intensive axle upon which the church of Agios Prokopios and the mosque of Architect Sinan are located. Also the area is at the bottom of the protection zone which is near the historic sites. The area is a threshold between the protection zone and the development area. First priority is to keep the permanent population and to protect the historic sites. A town changes to a deserted place without life. Second priority is to redouble the visitor intensity. The aim here is to create a material and moral support for the protection of the historic sites and to develop the town. The existing "conversation home" was worked up into the "living library" to associate the permanent population to academic and touristic visitors. The existing squares were protected and new courtyards were designed. The new volumes were designed around the existing inner court in the project area. The circulation between the functions was provided with the glass mass arround the court. An observation tower was designed as a signage for the project area, the historic sites and the valley. The tower was associated stylistically to historical Gesi dovecotes. A children’s atelier, a playground and a children's library were also designed.


Ezgi Üçüncü  was born in 1989 in Konya. She began her architectural studies at Yildiz Technical University in 2008 and graduated in 2013. She started her professional life at Cedetas Architecture in 2013. Some of her projects are the Living Library in Sapanca, the Book Cafe in Istanbul, a restaurant in Darica, a social house-dwelling in Istanbul, cultural places for neighborhood residents and a recycling workplace in Eminonu, along with the Architect Sinan Research Center and Cultural Places in Agirnas, Kayseri. Her architectural aim is based on designing spaces which are connected with the environment and the users. She believes that the most important thing in the lifecycle of a project is the thinking process.