Anna Neratzouli

Technical University of Crete

School of Architecture

P32 | Ηack the place_the case of Nea Alikarnassos

by Anna Neratzouli 

This project refers to the unknown and hidden qualities of urban space. Nea Alikarnassos is situated in the east coast of Heraklion, just between the airport and the port. It is a refugee settlement and was established in 1922, after the Asia Minor catastrophe. Nea Alikarnassos is a piece of land that is characterized by a diversity of landscapes such as a rocky coastline, an abandoned quarry, a flat terrain vague and a remnant of river Keratos that was once used from Minoans to carry their staff from Knossos to the sea. In addition, a mosaic of disparate human action takes place such as prison, sports facilities, institutions of disabled people and arbitrary dwellings. The purpose of this project is to raise a new awareness for such a degraded landscape, a drosscape, and restate the lost public space through the transcription of existing factors. Having the next generations in mind, a new identity needs to emerge from the fragments of an ecologically, socially and economically depressed area in order to establish the contemporary sustainable city. The main scope is to identify public space as a landscape of ideas, a site for the application of the complex procedures of our time and culture, a place that renders us in the future.


Anna Neratzouli   graduated from the Technical University of Crete in 2012. Her diploma thesis project titled Hack the place_the case of Nea Alikarnassos has been presented at the 7th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture, in Barcelona. She has taken part in architectural competitions, workshops, conferences and exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Since 2012 she is co-operating with architectural offices in Heraklion, Greece.