Xenia Papatriantafyllou

Technical University of Crete

School of Architecture

P33 | Centre for Mediterranean Research in the island of Therasia

by Xenia Papatriantafyllou 

This project entails an intervention in the unique landscape of Therasia. Initially, this new architectural intervention in a landscape that is extremely sensitive, in terms of both the micro-scale (hidden excavated dwelling architecture, limited existing interventions) and the macro-scale (physical relief, peculiar ridge, rare volcanic materials) was based on an attempt to establish the most suitable balance between concealing and highlighting the architectural work. The need for a continuous dialogue between the two scales of the landscape gave birth to the final form. At the same time the intrusion of a new construction does not disturb and ruin the natural landscape. The traditional practices of cave-style architecture (hyposkafa) along with modern techniques in the design of the building made this construction environmental-friendly and sustainable. In addition to the interpretation centre that liaises such a multicultural community, the proposed building would bring research facilities and an exhibition centre open to visitors under a common roof. So, this project generates an innovative museum that both highlights the natural environment and interprets the results of current research. In detail, the facilities housed by this building include laboratories for architects, archaeologists, sociologists and biologists, a diving centre, amphitheatres and exhibition spaces, a restaurant and observatories.


Xenia Papatriantafyllou  was born in Athens in1986. She studied architectural engineering at the Technical University of Crete, and graduated in 2012 with honours. Her dissertation titled Center for Mediterranean Research in the island of Therasia took place at the GREAT 2013 exhibition. In 2012 she participated in a team with Karamanea P., Polizoidis T. and Kouri E. for a competition in the Eptapirgio area of Thessaloniki and received a Complimentary Prize. During the last three years of her studies she had been working in an architectural bureau on fabrication and crafting, on small-scale and urban projects. Since 2012 she is working in an architectural bureau on small-scale projects and building restoration. Meanwhile she has taken part in several architectural competitions on landscape projects and workshops on earth-building constructions.