Christos Zantis

University of Cyprus

Faculty of Architecture

P12 | hex|mod[n]. A prototype for modular structures, prefabrication and lightweight construction in the design of tall buildings.

by Christos Zantis 

hex|mod is a project that explores the morphology and feasibility of applying flexible structures in tall buildings, on a functional and constructional level, based on modularity and prefabrication, giving a greater level of customization to the built form from a more performative perspective. The approach was divided into a two-fold scenario. First was the development of a main infrastructure that services a number of structurally and functionally autonomous units which are assembled together to create one unified building. Upon comparison of the structural systems applicable in the design of high-rise developments for interior and exterior structures, it was selected to base the prototype on an outrigger interior, but applying a honeycomb-like structure on the exterior, that would serve a dual purpose: to act as the tension-bearing structure bracing the outrigger trusses together, but also to act as a support for the external modules to attach on the main infrastructure of the building. The structural systems were chosen based on their structural effectiveness and efficiency, limitations in floor planning, weight and cost of construction. The first and foremost set of factors on the selection process for the honeycomb structure was architectural - in search for a morphology that would optimize a number of architectural factors, such as day lighting, natural ventilation, less space consuming connection of independent modules and stronger cross bracing structure (leading to more efficient use of structural material and hence achieve a more light-weight design).


Christos Zantis  was born in Canada in 1987 and re-located to Cyprus in 1992. He holds a First Class Honours BSc in Architecture and a First Class Honours Diploma in Architectural Engineering, for which he received the "Lambros and Thalia David for Distinction in Architectural Composition" prize. He is currently undertaking an MA in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has worked extensively in architectural practices since 2004, collaborated for submissions in national architectural competitions, led the Production/Editing Team for the digital media used for the participation of Cyprus in the 2010 Architecture Biennale in Venice, and worked as a consulting architect in the design department of ROOMS, a furniture retail company which also provides turn-key interior design services. His interests in Architecture include Architectural Technology, Digital Design and CG Visualizations, Lightweight Structures and Prefabrication, Structural Engineering, Kinetic Systems, Sustainable Design, Space Syntax, Architectural Theory and Philosophy. In 2012, he co-founded ZANA+ Design Studio, a collaborative, interdisciplinary design studio that focuses on 3D Visualization (Architectural, Interior, 3D Animations, Virtual Panoramas), provides Architectural Draftwork Services, as well as Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Image Post Processing.