Farhad Pakan

University of Nicosia

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Department of Architecture

P13 | THE MARTIAN CITY. Living conditions within the interior outdoors.

by Farhad Pakan 

Based on different scenarios, from scientific expeditions to atomic warfare on earth, humanity will eventually live as a spacefaring civilization to save its species. Humans will break the boundaries and follow their instinct to continue this new chapter on the timeline of its evolution. Sputnik 1 in 1957 triggered the space age and burst man’s first boundaries. After man walked on the moon people begun to dream about other planets. In the nearest future dreams will come true and we will be able to colonize and live on other planets. Martian City, is a prototype role model for a self-sufficient sustainable city on planet Mars, which simulates different living conditions within its interior outdoors. In Martian City we plant our own oxygen, food and water, harvesting the natural resources and green energy, following a living based on Martian calendar and an accurate schedule, following our natural senses, feeling the rain and the rainbow, having a communal lifestyle, experiencing various events and, moreover, learning how to live as harmless members of our own eco-system. In addition, Martian City and its technological spin-offs will offer new perspectives in order to protect and save life and living creatures on the planet Earth.


Farhad Pakan  was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. He received an Associates Degree in Industrial Design from the Islamic Azad University (2001 – 2004). After some time he moved to Cyprus and studied architecture at the University of Nicosia where he received a BA in 2011 and a professional degree in 2012. In June 2012 he won the award of Commitment and Dedication from the Department of Architecture of the University of Nicosia. His dissertation is titled “Vision of Space Habitation, From Fiction to Reality”, which is an analytic observation through the visions of space habitation and eventually the habitation of the outer planets and the whole universe by humans. His Diploma project involved the habitation of the planet of Mars offering different strategies and programs for the feasibility of colonization, from the time of arrival (phase 1) to the completion of the Martian city (phase 4). Life in the Martian city is located within the interior outdoors.