Fidan Çelenler

Yildiz Technical University

Department of Architecture

P80 | THE RESEARCH CENTER. Architect Sinan research center and cultural places in Agrinas.

by Fidan Çelenler  

The Architect Sinan Research Center includes local cultural spaces and exhibition areas in Ağırnas, Kayseri where Sinan was born and lived as a child. The location of the project area has a critical importance with a great panorama view of two valleys. There is a big empty space in front of the project site which used to be a harvest area. Also, an underground city has been found down the area. It is a main decision to connect the harvest area, the project site and the potential commercial areas among the lanes which come from the historical Sinan Street. The Research Center will welcome the researchers who want to learn more or study about Sinan and his science from all over the world. It also offers the accommodation facility its main purposes. The Center divides to several parts: Architect Sinan Research, Stone Working and its Restoration, Archaeological Works on Ağırnas, Genaral Library and the Rug Business Workshops. In addition, it is an important aim for the project to create spaces which are connected with the environment and the users.


Fidan Çelenler  is a 23-year-old architect who was born in Izmir. Her architectural education has started in the year of 2008 at Yildiz Technical University, Architectural Department, in Istanbul. In the academic year of 2011-2012, she lived in Italy as an Erasmus student at the University of Trieste. Also, she was a participant in an Erasmus IP Programme in Stavanger, Norway in July 2012. She has worked on several types of projects during her undergraduate education, like the Maritime Museum by Golden Horn (2009), the Organic Agricultural Education Center by Sapanca Lake (2010), a mixed-use complex in Beşiktaş (2011), and the Restoration Project of Ex-Theatre Building in Trieste, Italy (2012). Right now, she is working as an architect in an architectural office that professions on residential buildings in Istanbul.