Fatma Nur Özoğlu

Yildiz Technical University

Department of Architecture

P81 | ARCHITECT SİNAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE AND MUSEUM. Architectural research and thinking center.

by Fatma Nur Özoğlu  

This study has been undertaken for the protection of the cultural heritage of the Ağırnas Village and aims to introduce it worldwide. It also struggles to create a new silhouette making use of the topographical conditions against the existing urban pattern. Ağırnas, tracing many historical civilizations, is a small settlement in the Kayseri province. Many monumental fountains, civil architecture examples, an educational building from the Ottoman period, a Greek church, underground caves, and like cities in Cappadocia, rock- cut churches, dovecotes, and many mysterious ruins not discovered and studied yet, are a part of the cultural heritage of Ağırnas. With its history of 3000 years, the village sets an important place to the history of architecture. Besides, it is also the birthplace of the architect Sinan. In this context, the proposed project is located in a valley on the Kayseri-Bunyan road, which is at the edge of the historical ruins. Considering the importance of the site, the project aims to carry an intellectual meaning related to the surrounding, titled Architectural research and thinking center. The center serves to store and distribute the collected and is designed accordingly. A vertical and transparent mass connects the spaces spread on the site at various levels. Experimental horizontal spaces are also reached by means of this main mass. Editing layout of the project, the current operation of the affected tissue, and the historic city, showcasing the integrated nature settles in the land flowing, maintaining and promoting the culture and history details.


Fatma Nur Özoğlu  graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 2013. Since 2009 she has been attending architectural competitions and workshops. Her great active social participations and events include the ‘Proje Dikdörtgen’ workshop and exhibition at Yem, Turkey’s Building Informatin Centre, Osmanli Bank (2009), the TMMOB City Dreams workshops and exhibition in Istanbul (2010) and the Çukurova Region Seasonal Agricultural Workers Living Space Design National Student Architectural Ideas Competition were she received the Third Award (2011). She researches the development of a new, innovative, spatial vocabulary for Architecture and Interior Design, Corporate, Commercial, Hospitality, Residential and Urban Renewal. She has been particing architecture since 2006. She is co-founder of Bull Design/Architecture Company (2013, Istanbul).