Kalia Mama

Frederick University

Department of Architecture

P07 | RE-USE OF AN INDUSTRIAL AREA - The area of refinery in Larnaca

by Kalia Mama 

The phenomenon of degradation of former industrial sites in urban city centers and industrial abandonment shells leads in researching a renewal and regeneration strategy. This project deals with the possibilities of intervention in the area of an old and inactive, today, industrial space in order to restore and connect it with the city life. The gas tanks are large tumors isolated from the city functions, but contributing to their presence in shaping the character of the industrial zone is still an important determinant of the character of contemporary Larnaca. The project claims the underdeveloped area in contact with the industry, an urban context. The transformation of the space seeks to create a productive landscape and the integration of urban agriculture in order to create a new sustainable urban infrastructure that supports the inactive industrial shells thus offering an alternative to the abandoned industrial area. Created vertical themes connect the city with the sea and result in uses that will keep the area alive all day. The design of the site is based upon incorporating elements, creating a natural landscape and offering a range of uses in the old industry. The design includes recreational areas, entertainment, educational sectors, and a farmers' market. The idea of urban agriculture creates improvements to city, to society and to the environment supporting the economic performance of the region. It also contributes to the spatial experience of local residents and tourists.


Kalia Mama  was born in 1991 in Larnaca, Cyprus. In 2008 she graduated from the Pancyprian Lyceum of Larnaca and continued her studies at Frederick University, Nicosia, at the Department of Architecture. In June 2013 she graduated with a diploma in Architecture. She has a general knowledge about the use of electrical computers and a very good knowledge in specialized applications such as Autocad, Revit Architecture, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Sketch up, Rhino, Relux and Microsoft Office. During her studies she worked occasionally in an architectural office, whose main occupation was the study and design of construction projects. During her student years, she was a member of the racing team of the Nautical Club Famagusta and holds several medals in various swimming events. She also holds an advanced level Diploma in First Aid and Lifeguard.