Miriam Paraskevopoulou

University of Patras

Department of Architecture

P34 | EΛΛHN[Ο]ΙΚΟΝ | Inhabitancy Narrations of the [Hellenic] Landscape

by Miriam Paraskevopoulou  

The Hellenic landscape is shined by the sun, bordered by salt and thus it thrives. This reflection is inherited by generations. For some people it is a familiar fact, while for others it is rather a borrowed memory. In the urban picturesque scene, such images tend to vanish. The planning strategies for cities have hidden the light, have shaded the ground and have choked the oxygen. The cities were abused and learned to hide their unique spatial qualities well. However, they have yet to demonstrate another perspective, the one that holds the luster of the palimpsest. On this multiple written canvas of the former Hellenic airport, a park that narrates the history and development of the Neolithic revolution is suggested, while trying to regain the humans’ relationship with the earth and the cultivation procedures. Images and sensations of the past are combined with modern elements, creating a new reality that hovers between urban and agricultural. Inhabitancy scenarios are designed, with the actual and broadest sense of the word, as an act that confirms the basis of our existence and brings forward the ideal human character. Thus, revealing the qualities of the landscape and the habitants’ value, while having the ambition to restore the colors, textures and smells that represent experiences of Mediterranean living.


Miriam Paraskevopoulou   was born in Athens in 1987. She graduated from the Department of Architecture at the University of Patras in 2011. During her studies among with a small team of students, edited a proposal for the Redesign of the park of environmental sensitization “Antonis Tritsis”, which was awarded with the 3rd price at a student international competition. Currently she is director at the Technical Department of Fibrex Hellas, where she is responsible for energy construction upgrades and general supervision of construction works. Alongside she performs architectural design (residential, landscape, commercial and renovations). Several academic projects of hers were published and exhibited in international exhibitions, such as the Living in the Landscape_ Residential Park, exhibited in the 6th European Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. She represented her University in a team at the 12th International Architectural Exhibition in Venice [Biennale di Venezia], with a presentation and a lecture. She was also a member of the Design Team, editing and organizing the participation of the Department of Architecture of the University of Patras for the International Exhibition on Architecture and the City in Southeast Europe/2012, in Thessaloniki, where her diploma project (Ελλην[ο]ικόν | Inhabitancy Narrations of the “Hellenic” Landscape) was exhibited as well. She has also participated in several competitions and lectures.