Salma Ahmed Tammam

Modern Sciences and Arts University

Faculty of Arts and Design


by Salma Ahmed Tammam 

What? A research facility that investigates the Egyptian identity through the products of arts, architecture and crafts, seeking a global quality for the Egyptian products. How? 1. Through a cultural hub by gathering all kinds of arts. 2. With durable and low cost materials. 3. Proposing a new type of housing (aside of the match box housing), that really fulfills the needs of each family as users and as an influence on the life style. Why arts and crafts? The artists' community is a neglected one due to the cultural aspects in our country and their different life-style, even though 'art' as a definition is one of the most important things that Egyptian people excel at. Some artists (painters or sculptors) are living in poor places with no facilities and no creative environments. An artists’ village will form a new economical base and plenty of work opportunities for the surroundings.


Salma Ahmed Tammam.  Bachelor in Engineering-Architecture, Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) University, Egypt (2012). Since the beginning of September 2012 she has been teaching architectural design courses. From 2006 to 2008 she worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Portsaid Language School and Manor House School, in Mrs. Rokaya El-Shenawy Arts and Design IGSCE O.L\A.S course. In 2009, she participated at a joined workshop with the University of Greenwich developing a project within a limited amount of time and advancing her communication skills. In 2010 she attended the Portsaid WorkShop (MSA University, University of Thessaly, Portsaid University) where she worked on the development of a main pedestrian walkway. Moreover, in 2010 she worked as a Trainee at the Adel Fahmy Group in Cairo, designing Prince Sultan bin Salman's palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. By that time she founded a private manual skills development course.